Research on the Rural Governance Value of Qiang Folk Beliefs


2020-05-09 03:06

Kuang Liangfeng, Chen Shuxi
Journal of Aba Teachers Universi

Abstract: The research on Qiang folk beliefs is carried out mainly from the perspective of anthropology, religion, and literature, while that from the perspective of political science is lackingFiguring out the context and trend of the research on this is the basic task of the Political Science approach to the research on Qiang folk beliefs and the promotion of related practical workThrough literature analysis and comparative analysis, this paper systematically sorts out the research on the value of Qiang folk beliefs that was done in the past 40 yearsand addresses issues such as research content, research methods and modernizationThe conclusion is that the research is focused on the ethical governance of folk beliefs, the research methods are mainly empirical research and case studies, and the research approach is the traditional value of folk beliefsWith a clear idea of the status quo in mind, the author creatively points out the future research directionOn research content, there should be a shift from the rule of virtue to the three ways of governance; methodologically, there should be a shift fromexperience drawing to theory formulation and a combination of folk beliefs with the theory of rural governance; with respect to the approach, there should be a shift from traditional approach to modern approach to explore the specific ways for folk beliefs to be modernized in the governance of Qiang rural areasEarnest efforts in this direction are set to achieve a breakthrough in the research on the value of Qiang folk beliefs

Keywords: Qiang folk beliefs; rural governance; state intention; modernization

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Aba Teachers University, 2020(01).



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