Naming Methods and Cultural Connotations of the Village Forts in Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty


2021-08-31 07:45

Luo Quan
Journal of Yunan University

Abstract: The village fort was an important military defensive settlement in ancient China,whose construction time and space had a close relationship with the local wars. Due to several large-scale wars in the Qing dynasty,the villagers in Sichuan province had to build thousands of village forts.The naming methods of village forts can be divided into two categories according to the natural and geographical conditions and sociocultural factors.The former is related to topography, hydrology,earth androcks,plants,etc., while the latter is related to surnames,temples,gods,traditionally good names,historical figures,myths,images,and local chronicles. The names of the village forts contain rich cultural connotations,reflecting their site selection,construction materials,functions,histories,themes and other contents.

Keywords: toponomastics; village fort; military defense; physical and geographical elements; sociocultural conditions

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Yunnan University, 2021(04).



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