Applying the Carrot and Stick Judiciously

the Characteristics of Zhang Yong's Governing Shu in the Northern Song Dynasty


2022-03-14 01:30

Wei Huaxian
Journal of China West Normal Uni

Abstract: Zhang Yong,a famous official in the Northern Song dynasty,governed Shu twice,both after the chaos in Shu areas.The greatest feature of Zhang Yong's governing Shu areas was the combination of applying the carrot and stick judiciously,which is manifested in the aspects of governing the army,officials and the people.It not only made Shu areas from chaotic situation to governance,but also made him receive an award from the imperial court,praised and remembered by scholar officials and the people of Shu,which resulted from Zhang Yong's carrying out the will of imperial court and the situation at that time. However,there are indications that Zhang Yong had been exaggerated and“created”in the Song dynasty.

Key words: the Northern Song dynasty; Zhang Yong; governing Shu areas; applying the carrot and stick judiciously; from chaotic situation to governance

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of China West Normal University, 2021(06).



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