Study on the Joint Development of Big-sized Puppet in North Sichuan and Three kingdoms Culture


2021-06-08 02:06

Teng Xincai,Xiao Lanlan
Journal of Chongqing University

Abstract: As one of the China’s first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage, with the size of real people, flexible posture, as well as comprehensive skills including the singing, playing and dancing, the big-sized puppet was deeply loved by north Sichuan people. It has participated in international performances for many times and a series of classic plays have been handed down. As a branch of traditional culture, the source of the Three Kingdoms culture is also in the land of North Sichuan. Nanchong is one of the origins of the Three Kingdoms culture. With the development of information technology and the change of living habits, these cultural factors gradually fade out of people’s sight. Making use of the two resource advantages of puppet and Three Kingdoms culture in North Sichuan to promote and improve each other and form an industrial development mode, it can not only meet people’s spiritual needs at different levels, but also promote the spread and development of regional culture and protect the true inheritance of traditional culture.

Key words: big-sized puppet in North Sichuan; the Three Kingdoms culture; joint development

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, 2020(03).



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