Qin Divided Bashu and Put It under Hanzhong County from the Perspective of Geopolitics


2021-05-27 03:14

Yu Tianyu
Journal of Sichuan University

Abstract: After conquering Bashu,Qin divided it and put it under the control of Hanzhong county.On the surface,this was just a simple adjustment of administrative division made by Qin after the occupation of Bashu,but in essence,it was the strategic layout of Qin’s central government in the new situation. It includedstrengthening the central control of the new territory to prevent Bashu from splitting and to disintegrate opposition forces,to promote the social development of the two places and to plan political considerations of the war against the State of Chu. As it was impossible to send a large number of troops to Bashu to strengthen its rule,this strategic move strengthened the Qin central government’s ability to control Hanzhong,making it a strategic hub for Qin to strengthen Bashus rule and optimize its strategic plan against Chu. The implementation of this strategic measure played a positive role in consolidating Qin’s rule in the new territory,enhancing its ability to deal with the rebellion of the opposition forces,advancing its war to conquer Chu,and ensuring the progress of the war of unification.At the same time,dividing Bashu and setting up Hanzhong County was also a useful attempt by Qin to use administrative divisions as a policy tool to consolidate rule and improve social governance.

Key words: Bashu,Hanzhong County,political control,geographical situation,the War between Qin and Chu

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Sichuan University, 2021(02).



2021-05-27 11:14
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