A Brief Analysis of the New Period Ⅱ Cultural Remains at the Sanxingdui Site Also on the Yufu Village Culture


2021-05-17 02:52

Lei Yu
Sichuan Cultural Relics

Abstract: The main cultural remains of the Sanxingdui site are divided into four major periods,  but  there  is  an  obvious  missing  link  between  the  cultural  remains  of  Sanxingdui  Period I  and  Period  II.  Since  1999,  through  new  excavations  and  the  sorting  of  materials  from  previous excavations, a new group of cultural remains has been found in several locations of the Sanxingdui site, with a cultural appearance between Sanxingdui Period I and Period II, and almost identical to the pottery group of the Period III cultural remains of the Yufu Village site in Wenjiang. This has filled the gap between the first and second periods of Sanxingdui, and basically solved the inherent relationship  between  the  late  Neolithic  and  Bronze  Age  pottery  groups  at  the  Sanxingdui  site.  In addition,  besides  the  site  of  Sanxingdui  and  the  site  of  Yufu  Village,  there  are  another  33  sites (locations) in the Chengdu Plain where this group of cultural remains has been found, and similar findings  have  been  made  at  the  Sujiaba  site  in  Wusheng  County  in  the  eastern  part  of  Sichuan Basin. Although  Group  A  pottery  in  this  group  is  common  in  the  late  stage  of  “Sanxingdui  I  - Baodun culture”, the newly emerged Group B pottery already belongs to the category of “Sanxingdui Culture”,  so  it  is  obviously  inappropriate  to  classify  this  group into  “Sanxingdui  I  -  Baodun Culture”, and at the same time, in view of the high proportion of Group A pottery and the fact that Group B pottery has not yet occupied a dominant position, it seems inappropriate to include it into “Sanxingdui Culture”, considering that the archaeological cultural remains represented by this group were widely distributed in the Chengdu plain, so it is appropriate and necessary to single it out and name it as a new archaeological culture.

Key Words:Sanxingdui site, Baodun Culture, New Period II, Yufu Village Culture

The Chinese version appeared in Sichuan Cultural Relics, 2021(01).



2021-05-17 10:52
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