Reshaping Economic Geography of SICHUAN


2014-12-30 12:00

Lin Ling, Liu Shiqing, Lei Kaiping, Wang Xiaogang& Ding Renzhong

Author  Lin Ling, Liu Shiqing, Lei Kaiping, Wang Xiaogang& Ding Renzhong

Publisher  Social Sciences Academic Press

Date    Nov., 2013




The book, Reshaping Economic Geography of Sichuan, depicts the emerging economic development highland in western China and interprets the aggregation of productivity, wealth creation and economic development, allowing you to have a whole picture of development level and speed all over the Sichuan Province. It vividly presents the clear industry division and collaboration among 21 cities/prefectures of the five economic zones in Sichuan Province as well as how these cities/prefectures have developed.  It also looks at the province’s transport landscape, which plays a vital role in the change of Sichuan’s economic geography. In particular, the Western China Comprehensive Transport Hub links the cities/prefectures in the province and links the province to overseas land. What’s more, it describes the new arrangement of main functional regions in Sichuan, which is important for the research on the economic geography of Sichuan. Taking into account economic, environmental and social factors and the idea of main functional regions, it identifies and makes public prioritized, restricted and forbidden areas in order to coordinate the economic development and natural environmental protection, i.e., great efforts must be made for economic development in prioritized development areas while environmental protection must be carried out in restricted and forbidden development areas. 


Therefore, this research aims to theoretically enlighten the academic community to explore Sichuan’s economic geography change following its change of economic status, lead researchers to pay attention to the challenges and difficulties Sichuan faces for further development and give guidance for political decision makers to design scientific development strategies and measures for the province, thus having deep theoretic significance and extensive realistic meaning.


Editor-in-Chief: Lin Ling 

Associate Editor: Liu Shiqing (executive) Lei Kaiping

Wang Xiaogang     Ding Renzhong

Social Sciences Academic Press




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