The Xue's Genealogy by Sanfengtang an Important Literature for the Research on Tibetan and Qiang Borderland during the Ming and Qing Dynasties


2020-06-02 02:11

Hu Ning
Journal of China West Normal Uni

Abstract: In the early Qing dynastyXue Dayinga local magistrate of Long'an Mansionpresided over compiling. The Xue's Genealogy by Sanfengtang on the basis of old genealogy in the Ming dynasty.It has been kept intact to this day. Although its style is different from the traditional genealogyit retains a large number of original documents including imperial court's decrees official archives and personal resume of chieftainetc.Thereforethis genealogy is not only an original material for the study of Longan Xues chieftainbut also an indispensable literature for the research on Tibetan and Qiang borderland during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Key words: The Xues Genealogy; Longan chieftain; Tibetan and Qiang borderland

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of China West Normal University, 2020(02).



2020-06-02 09:52
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