Study of Narrative Transmission of Dissemination Contents of Ethnic Minority Mythology

Starting with Tibetan Genesis Mythology


2020-02-15 08:10

Jian Bin
Journal of Northwest Minzu Unive

Abstract: Mythology of ethnic minorities is an important part of ethnic culture. Although there an numerous studies of the ontology , types and every , the study of the spread of ethnic minority mythology has been relatively weak. Taking the Tibetan genesis mythology as an example, based on the analysis of the ecological characteristics of the contents of the Tibetan genesis mythology, the article examines the contents of the Tibetan genesis mythology from the perspective o narrative transmission, and analyzes the influence factors of the narrative transmission of the Tibetan genesis mythology and the loss of the mythology in the tries to make a breakthrough in the study of the spread of ethnic mythology, and probes into the perfection of the disciplinary system from the study of disciplinary intersection and interdisciplinary research.

Key words: ethnic mythology; spread; narrative transmission; story; disciplinary intersection

The Chinese Version Appeared in Journal of Northwest Minzu University (01, 2020)




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