The Thought and Practice of Shu Han Liu’s Group in Governing Shu Area from the Perspective of The History of the Three Kingdoms the Book of Shu


2018-01-03 12:00

Li Chunjiao
Journal of China West Normal Uni

Abstract: This paper untangles and utilizes the historical materials of The History of the Three Kingdoms: The Book of Shu to describe one core and three main aspects of the Shu Han Liu’s Group in Govering Shu area in the Three Kingdoms period. The core is reviving the Han dynasty and returning to the old capital. The first aspect includes six basic points, namely possessing the Zhou of Jing and Yi, uniting Sun Wu eastwardly, combating Cao Wei northwardly, making friends with Rong westward, appeasing Yi and Yue southwardly and improving the work of governing the country. The second aspect includes seven successful practices of governing Shu area, namely making the Shu people get together with one target, governing the Shu by law, changing the Shu with incorrupt government, strengthening the Shu with stabilization, enriching the Shu by developing its economy, prospering the Shu with talents and making the Shu stable with good-neighbourliness. The third aspect is the gains and loss of governing Shu area that is worth learning, namely being short of leading figures, decline for internal struggle and causing chaos for harassin the civilians. Undoubtedly, all mentioned above have the significance of history and realistic reference value for the strategy of governing Shu area and revitalization of Sichuan today, achieving strong military power to make the dream of reviving China come true.
Key words: The History of the Three Kingdoms; The Book of Shu; the thought of Governing Shu area; the practice of governing Shu area; success and failure of governing Shu area
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of China West Normal University, 2017(2).


2018-01-03 04:16
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