Analysis on the Achievements and Causes of Shu merchants in the Western Han Dynasty


2017-12-28 12:00

Tian Wenhong
Journal of Chengdu Normal Univer

Abstract:Shu merchants in the Western Han Dynasty, through their active business activities, sold the Shu commodity not only throughout the country, but also Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia, making remarkable achievements, and great attention has always been paid by historians. Shu merchants’ achievements are mainly reflected in the following aspects: as a model of business prosperity, Shu merchants in the Western Han Dynasty made great business achievements; Shu merchants’ business scope includes industrial and commercial activities, and the metallurgical industry as a leader, promoted the conomic development in the southwestern region and the formation of the Southwest regional business circle, and played an important role in the development of the southwestern region; Shu merchants created a miracle on foreign trade and cultural exchange, etc. The interaction of the geographical environment and resources of the Shu area, the development of the Bashu area during the Qin and Han Dynasties, the massive immigrants, the economic patterns of the surrounding ethnic minorities, and the construction and expansion of Shu Road, has contributed to the brilliant achievements made by Shu merchants in Han Dynasty.
Keyword: the Western Han Dynasty; Shu merchants
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chengdu Normal University, 2017(05).


2017-12-28 11:12
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