The Shu Roads in the Three Kingdoms and the Five Dynasties from Perspective of Military Geograpy


2017-12-07 12:00

Li Long
Journal of Hubei University of A

Abstract: Both in the Three Kingdoms and the Five Dynasties,the northern regime and the southern regime drastically fought for the Shu Roads. In the Three Kingdoms period,the Wei State and the Shu State both declared their legitimism and fought for the Shu Roads,during which the story that Zhuge Liang fought in Qishan six times was popular among people.In the Five Dynasties,all the pre-Shu regime,the post-Shu regime and Li Maozhen regime attempted to occupy Hanzhong. Comparisons of the Shu Roads in these two periods tell us that in the Three Kingdoms period,the Shu Roads were employed evenly,in the Five Dynasties the Gudao and the Jinniu Road were used more often,which reflected the integration of social background and specially natural geography.
Key words: the Three Kingdoms; the Five Dynasties; the Shu Roads; military geography
The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Hubei University of Arts and Science, 2017(01).


2017-12-07 09:58
A Rustic Opinion of Research & Protection of Shu Road Heritage