A Rustic Opinion of Research & Protection of Shu Road Heritage


2017-11-29 12:00

Tang Fei
Research on Heritages and Preser

Abstract: Since the layout of "Shu Road Protection and Appreciation Guangyuan Consensus" in 2011, under the active support and promotion of the CPPCC and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Shu Road cultural road protection and inscription work under the framework of the "Cultural Line Charter", especially China's Silk Road and the Grand Canal two cultural lines is through this charity highlights the cultural line of the "universal value", was successfully included in the World Heritage list, and also has a "cultural line universal value" of the Shu Road also has the potential of the inscription, causing widespread concern in the community, Shu Road along the provinces to Shu Road protection, research, display and use rose to the government objectives to the deployment and implementation of the government at all levels of the heritage management unit Putting forward new research, protection and management issues. This paper discusses the research and protection process of Shu Road, discusses from the re-cognition of the resources of Shu Road, the selection of resources, the value of resources and the current situation of protection, and puts forward some suggestions on the work of the inscription Greatly improve the protection of Shu Road and the level of research, the effective completion of the early work of the inscription.
Keywords: Shu Road; inscription; cultural line; protection and research
The Chinese version appeared in Research on Heritages and Preservation, 2017(02).

2017-11-29 10:17
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