Recently Discovered Carvings "Ks.itigarbha with Ten Kings of the Hell" at Yunfeng Temple in Anyue and Related Issues

Weng Jun

2018-09-12 01:58


The niche of the cliffside carvings "Ks.itigarbha with Ten Kings of the Hell" at Yunfeng Temple, Anyue county, Sichuan province is thought to be started in the Five Dynasties. Compared with previous findings with a similar motif, those carvings have distinct characteristics. They illustrate the experience of a soul in the hell in the form of serial pictures, focus on depicting the scene of sentencing and properly apply images of Six Paths. This illustration is derived from that of the carvings in Putuoyan, Qingxi, Neijiang, and is a unique example of this type of illustration and meanwhile a simplification of images of Ch.00404+Ch.00212+S.3961. Through comparison with other carvings, the author makes up an evolution sequence of this kind of illustration in Sichuan, Chongqing and Dunhuang during the Late Tang and the Early Song periods as p.2003→K10 in Mianyang→Ch.00404+Ch.00212+S.3961→Niche 11 at Yunfeng Temple and Niche 1 at Shengquan Temple. And the author furthermore concludes that the Buddhist carvings in the Five Dynasties in east Sichuan area represented by that in Yunfeng Temple had relatively fixed combinations of images and formed a Buddhist belief system which guided the believer's current life, after death and next life.

Key words: Anyue county  Yunfeng Temple  the Five Dynasties  Ks.itigarbha with Ten Kings of the Hell  evolution sequence  belief system 
安岳县 云峰寺 五代 地藏十王变 演进序列 信仰体系 


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