Collation and Analysis of Plays Related to the Three Kingdoms in Shanxi Opera


2021-05-06 08:30

Xue Yuxin,Lei Yong
Journal of Hubei University of A

Abstract: Plays related to the Three Kingdoms have a long history.There are many plays related to the Three Kingdoms in Shanxi Opera,of which respected Liu Bei,belittle Cao Cao however. Some of the newly compiled plays not only highlight the innovation of psychological portrayal,but also have some critical points which are far from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Shaanxi Opera is of a singing tune with emotion and tenderness at the same time,a flexible variety of plate types,lyrics and spoken parts in a plate cavity structure,distinctive roles,skilled stunts and opera artist’s literary consciousness.The study of Shanxi Opera can consolidate the content and add color to the integration of plays related to the Three Kingdoms.

Key words: Shanxi Opera; plays related to the Three Kingdoms; zhonglu Bangzi

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Hubei University of Arts and Science, 2021(04).



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