Ancient Poems of Bashu in Chinese Art Songs


2021-03-26 01:49

Wan Shuang
Journal of Chinese Culture

Abstract: Chinese art songs emerged in the early 1920s. By imitating and borrowing elements from European art songs in combination with traditional music and ethnic cultural elements, Chinese art songs have developed into the one and only with unique ethnic styles and abundant emotions. Chinese classical poetry art songs  are  a  branch  of  Chinese  art  songs. The  earliest  art  song  in  China  takes  poetry  works  of  ancient  literati as  lyrics,  began  with  the  master  works  of  "Eastward  Flows  the Yangtze  River",  composed  with  poet  Su  Shi's work as lyrics. In the development for a century of Chinese art songs, the poetry works of Bashu literati have continuously enriched and influenced this emerging art form.

Keywords:Chinese Art Songs; Ancient Poems; Bashu Literati

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chinese Culture, 2020(05).



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