Study on the influence of employment assistance project on the crime rate in deep poverty areas

Taking Aba prefecture in Ganzi, Sichuan as an example


2018-11-20 02:21

Tan Lingzhi
Journal of Hunan Agricultural Un

Abstract: This paper uses the data from 2011 to 2016 to analyze the impact of employment assistance project on the crime rate in Ganziaba. The results show that: The employment assistance project has significant negative impact on the crime rates of invading money and violence. Without considering other factors, when employment participation rate creases by 1%, the crime rate of invading money and violence decreased by 0.0064% and 0.0022% respectively. The variables of government welfare expenditure, urbanization level, and per capita cultivated land area and water conservancy facilities are significantly negatively related to the two kinds of crime rates. The average age of education has a significant negative impact on the crime of invading property, while no significant effect on violent crime. In addition, employment assistance projects have a significant inhibitory effect on the rising crime rates caused by natural disasters since it can provide employment opportunities and income guarantees for low-income and the vulnerable groups.

Key words: employment assistance project; crime rate; poverty-stricken areas; natural disasters

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Hunan Agricultural University, 2018(02).


2018-11-20 10:22
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