The Value of Marxs Critique of Capital Logic to Solve Ecological Crisis


2022-04-12 03:07

Yu Yuhu
Journal of Harbin Institute of T

Abstract: Capital logic is the root cause of ecological crisis. Marx reflects rationally ecological environment and the critique of capitalism, and Marx’s criticism of capital logic essentially traces back to and criticizes from the root cause of ecological crisis. The real root of ecological crisis is caused by the capitalist mode of production under the domination principle of capital logic contain important purport in resolving ecological crisis. It has important guiding significance for overcoming and resolving the environmental deterioration in the process of world development. and preventing China’s modernization from repeating the mistakes of the developed capitalist countries in destroying the environment in order to develop the economy.

Key words: Marx;ecological crisis;critique of capital logic

Chinese version appeared in Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology, 2022,24(02).



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