The Paradigm of“Chinese Marxist Philosophy"

An Innovation of “Marx’s Philosophy”Research via Sinicization


2022-11-25 02:23

Cao Dianshun,Fan Yun
Journal of Lanzhou University

Abstract: With the in-depth practice of“sinicization of Marxist philosophy”, various ideological systems of Marxist philosophy research have gradually formed and evolved into a philosophical theory in the sense of philosophical paradigm—“Chinese Marxist philosophy”, which has realized the paradigm innovation of“Marx’s philosophy”research. Professor Wang Xinyan holds that the“Chinese Marxist philosophy”, as a way to deeply grasp the“sinicization of Marxist philosophy”, is not a logical explanation or interpretation of how“Marx’s philosophy”research is sinicized in China, but the new development of the“Marx’s philosophy”tending to be reflective, conscious and original. Based on the cognition of this problem consciousness, it can be inferred that“Chinese Marxist philosophy”, as the latest theoretical achievement of“sinicization of Marxist philosophy”since China’s reform and opening up, has realized not only the“content innovation” and“paradigm innovation”of“Marx’s philosophy”research, but also the innovation of its“world outlook”and“methodology”.

Keywords: Chinese Marxist philosophy; sinicization of Marxist philosophy; Marx’s philosophy; philosophical paradigm; academic innovation

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Lanzhou University, 22,50,(04).



2022-11-25 10:24
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