A Research on the Cultural Relationship between Ba and Shu


2015-01-13 12:00

Huang Jianhua
Local Cultrue Research

Abstract: Ba and Shu is the two powerful sovereign in southwest china before the Qin Dynasty. The old country Shu appeared in the literature has Cancong, Boguan, Yufu, Duyu, Kaiming dynasties. The country Ba has Linjun Man, Bandun Man, etc. It is constituted by a number of ethnic groups; both white tiger worship clan, but also fear or shot white tiger clans. The social structure and political power mode of the ancient Ba and Shu, which has great differences to the Central Plains clearly, should be a chiefdom type of form, due to the long established small states, which in the early stages of civilization experienced by the tribes to chiefdoms alliance the evolution of society, the formation of the political situation Castles appear. After Qin annexed Ba and Shu, it has taken many important steps to strengthen the rule, such as input a lot of things from the North and the Central Plains to this region, prompting and accelerating integration between Bashu regional civilization and Chinese civilization. Qin strongly changed the governance model and the social structure of Bashu region on one hand, but on the other hand, it also expressed tolerance to cultural customs of Bashu. Thus, through agesheritage, absorbing and integrating a number of new factors, Bashu culture remains vigor, and shows the distinctive and rich local culture charm.

Key words: Bashu; Xunan Man; tribe alliance; Chiefdoms alliance; Regional culture

The Chinese version appeared in Local Culture Research, 2014(2).



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