Rethink and Improve China’s Fin-Tech Export to Southeast Asia


2022-06-16 02:12

Lin Weizeng
Social Siences in Yunnan

Abstract:With remarkable achievements in optimizing the local financial structure and inclusive finance, China’s  fin-tech  export  to  Southeast Asian  countries  has  experienced  expansion,  uncontrolled  growth  and standardized  development.   However,  there  are  problems  with  the  mode  of  fin-tech  export  majored  in  micro-lending  and  payment  and  settlement,  such  as  field  deviation  and  unbalanced  development. These  problems have revealed the limited depth of financial innovation and conflicts with regulatory technology. The structural imbalance fails to effectively export the supporting system required by financial technology and restricts the  self-repair and in-depth reform of the system. Value deficiency in China’s fin-tech export can be solved by focusing on  quality  rather  than  quantity.  China’s  fin-tech  export  shall  not  only  transplant  financial  products  but  also guide financial value, reform outdated rules and push institutional evolution. In this process, the harmonies of technology output and value output, mode output and system output, market promotion and policy cooperation are crucial to the sustainable development of China’s fin-tech export to better protect local financial consumers.

The Chinese version appeared in Social Siences in Yunnan, 2022,(02).



2022-06-16 10:14
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