Marxs Philosophical Thinking on the New Relationship Between Human and Tecgnology


2022-08-30 08:06

Zhou Lu, Peng Gao
Journal of Henan University

Abstract: In the process of criticizing modern technology, Marx revealed its essential relationship with the future human life world. He believed that technology was the mode of production of material means in modern society as well as the way of life and world style of modern people. Under the capitalist mode of use, modern technology played a great role in civilization, and its role was limited. Based on human liberation, he criticized the capitalist use of modern technology and envisaged its future direction, that was, the new type of technological human life world, in other words, the new technological human life community. There, modern technology would be used by new human, and the technology uses human in modern capitalist society would be replaced by human use technology, so as to establish a harmonious relationship between human and technology.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Henan University, 2021,09.



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