The Rise and Development of the Armorial Inscription on Bronze and Identity Fusion ofthe Xia and Shang Ethnic Groups


2022-04-15 01:32

Luo Youcang
The Central Plains Culture Resea

Abstract: The existing data show that the armorial inscription on bronze probably arose in the late of Xia Dynasty,and it is an important symbol of the social organization form from the family name to the clan. From the early to middle period of Shang Dynasty, the political significance of the clan became increasingly obvious,the number of the armorial inscription on bronze increased and the geographical distribution expanded. In the late of Shang Dynasty,the number of the armorial inscription on bronze increased significantly. Of all these emblems,the number of emblems based on people’s names,place names and palace names increased. The proportion of composite emblems increased as well. This is an evidence that the Shang Dynasty ethnic integration identity gradually separated from blood and turned to geopolitics and constantly strengthened. The integration at that time was still based on ethnic groups which is highly independent and with strong consanguinity,thus had not penetrated into the level of social individuals and families. The integration in Xia and Shang Dynasties did not form a national community based on geographical relations.

Key words:the armorial inscription on bronze;extended family;ethnic groups;identity fusion

The Chinese version appeared in The Central Plains Culture Research, 2022,10(02).



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