The Establishment of the Patterns and Major Themes of Ancient Articles in the Han Dynasty


2022-04-07 02:10

Li Binghai
The Central Plains Culture Resea

Abstract: The model of article patterns established in the Han Dynasty was realized on the basis of inheriting the achievements of literature in the Warring States period. “Set words” is an article style composed of questions and answers, which develops from a short article without rhyme and title to a great article with rhyme and title.“Jiuti”is a style that evolves from an article without a title to a title at the end of the article.“Qiti”is a style of presenting objects from variables to constants. The article styles of “Lianzhu style” and “text before poetry” are separated from the article style of integrated style to form an independent article. There are eight major themes established in the Han Dynasty, which are divided into four groups: lamenting that scholars do not meet virtuous kings and praising the Lord to get virtuous officials; eulogizing the prosperous age and criticizing the secular society ironically; through writing books to realize the immortality of life value and encourage soldiers to make military contributions to the frontier fortress; natural disasters and anomalies are used to show man-made disasters and natural auspicious signs to show the holy virtue of rulers. There is a logical connection between these major article themes, which constitute three types ofcausality, dependency and bipolar complementarity.

Key words: literature of Han Dynasty; model establishment; article pattern; major themes

The Chinese version appeared in The Central Plains Culture Research, 2022,10(02).



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