Three Key Words in Mega-city Governance


2020-12-17 08:15

Fan Zhihong,Zhang Wei
Scientific Development

Abstract: As a super complex adaptive system that is still evolving in human society, mega-cities have a special and critical functional mission in leading and supporting the development of human society.In the new era of exploring a new way to modernize the governance of mega-cities, we must adhere to the system concept , grasp the characteristics of " mega " , respect and support the individual adaptability of the market and society in the city, and follow the incremental characteristics of the overall scale effect of the city to achieve governance synergy and promote functional coupling. Grasp the characteristics of " full-cycle " , manage the whole cycle of urban people , production , city , ecology ,etc , and promote harmonious coexistence . Grasp the characteristics of the “informatization”era , and promote mega-cities to become new hubs for knowledge, technology, data and cultural heritage.

Keywords: Mega-city governance; Oversizing ; Full cycle ; Informatization

The Chinese version appeared in Scientific Development, 2020(12).

Edited by Lena



2020-12-17 04:05
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