Research on Symbiotic Operation Mechanism of Open Government Data under the Impact of Major Public Emergencies


2020-12-15 02:49

Zhu Xiaofeng,Sheng Tianqi,Zhang Wei
Information Studies:Theory & App

Abstract: The impact of major public emergencies makes the demand of open government data increasingly strong it is of great significance to explore the operation mechanism of open government data based on the symbiosis concept for the collaborative construction of subject relationship and the effective utilization of data value in emergency service and management. This paper first defines the symbiotic evolution relationship of open government data and the functional structure and operation rules among the subjects in each stage, and based on this, constructs the overall framework of symbiotic operation mechanism of open government data, then, taking COVID-19 epidemic, a major public emergency as an example, this paper analyzes the symbiotic evolution process of open government data, and explores the different symbiosis of various stakeholders. Finally, from the perspective of symbiotic evolution, this paper explores the evolution process of symbiotic operation mechanism of open government data. With the transformation of symbiotic relationship, the evolution of symbiosis operation mechanism of open government data can map the value realization process of data available use , useful use, easy to use, good use through the behavior evolution law of aggregation, integration and fusion among subjects. A community of human health with data as a link can fundamentally improve the countrys emergency response capabilities to major public emergencies.

Key words: open government data, symbiosis, operating mechanism, major public emergencies, COVID-19

The Chinese version appeared in Information Studies:Theory & Application, 2020(12).

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2020-12-15 10:36
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