Thoughts on Ensuring the Stability of Enterprises and Promoting Employment Under the Empact of COVID-19 Epidemic


2020-12-09 07:49

Research Group on Employment Promotion
Chinese Journal of Population Sc

Abstract: To hedge against the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, we need to stabilize the economic fundamentals and keep the bottom line of people’s livelihood firmly in place. The core is employment. the key is enterprise , and the foundation is industry . In order to achieve the double victory of the “epidemic prevention and control” and “economic and people’s livelihood defense”, this paper puts forward the following suggestions. We should cure the “breakpoint”, “pain point”, “blocking point”, and “difficult point” of the real economy, improve the viability and development of SMEs, and promote employment by ensuring enterprises. We should integrate the digital economy with the real economy. encourage developments of new products, new forms of business and new industries , and further stimulate the growth of flexible employment. It is important to increase employment assistance to the key groups such a s college graduates and migrant workers, to encourage business startups to boost employment, and to achieve poverty alleviation by developing industry and promoting employment. We need to improve public employment services and vocational skill training, optimize the institutional environment for fair employment, and strengthen policy support for informal employment. We should ensure the safety and stability of the industrial and supply chains , and encourage domestic manufacturing industries to retain the roots of industrial development in the process of industrial transfer We should take measures to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, and create a new pattern of domestic and international economic development.

The Chinese version appeared in Chinese Journal of Population Science, 2020(03).



2020-12-09 03:40
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