Judicial Reform and Newspaper Partisanship in Guizhou in the Late Qing Dynasty


2020-11-25 02:45

Cheng Zeshi
Journal of Guizhou Normal Univer

Abstract: After establishing a new judicial system of three-level trial and procuratorial office in Guiyang on January 1,1911. Inquisitor Li Zhi was falsely accused of forcing to take a concubine for a case execution,Judge Wei Kejing and Medical official Sun Jing were successively accused of adultery and abortion with drugs in the first half of 1911.They were criticized and reported by newspapers inside and outside the province and hence Guizhou's judicial reform was in crisis. New judicial organs not only tried the two suspects according to law and dismissed them,but also punished the editors of the partisanship newspapers for defamation. Judicial reform finally stood the test.

Key words: the late Qing dynasty; judicial reform; newspaper partisanship; crisis

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Guizhou Normal University, 2020(04).



2020-11-25 10:34
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