Marcuse’s Artistic Estrangement and Alienation Redemption


2020-11-20 08:09

Zhu Chongchong
Journal of Hizhou University

Abstract: Marcuse’s theory of“artistic estrangement”is to achieve the goal of“alienation”of redemption . The estrangement is the alienation of alienation. The eternality of artistic estrangement and the self-discipline of art constitute the basis of alienation and redemption. Artistic alienation realizes the redemption of alienation through the external manifestation of art such as language and aesthetic form, as well as the inherent negation of the negative and revolutionary nature of art. The construction of the alien art world is the transcendence of the alienation reality, and the ultimate goal of the redemption is to construct an aesthetic Utopian world.

Key words:Marcuse;artistic estrangement;alienation redemption

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Huizhou University, 2020(08).



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