Comparative Analysis and Suggestion on Price Emergency Management Measures During the Epidemic


2020-12-21 08:04

Zhang Li,Huang Weichen
Scientific Development

Abstract: The current legal provisions for price emergency management in China were issued earlier and have not been revised for a long time, lagging behind the actual economic and social development, and the cohesion, systemicity and operability of the laws need to be improved, and the are not sufficient to effectively deal with sudden price increases problem. Compared with development market economics, Chinas punishment measures for price violations during emergencies are too simple and weak. In addition, for the determination of price increases, the factors and standards for determination are too single. In order to better respond to the needs of price emergency management under the new situation, it is urgent to improve the price emergency management mechanism.

Key words:Public emergency; Emergency Management;Price control; Epidemic

The Chinese version appeared in Scientific Development, 2020(12).



2020-12-21 04:11
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