From the Spread of Western Learning to the Revival of Confucianism

The Problem of Confucianism Modernization in Horizon of Sinicization of Marxism


2020-04-20 02:36

Zhu Guangya, Jiang Junren
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: In modern times, after the conflict between Chinese and western civilization, China has gone through a process that western learning was introduced into ChinaThe spread of western learning was divided into three levels: technical, institutional and cultural levelThe New Culture Movement is the highest level of Chinese people consciously learning from the West, because it introduced Marxism into ChinaSince then, Chinese have really found the right way to save the country and nationality from perilToday, however, the scientific nihilism of Confucianism has emerged, which advocates to replace Marxism with Confucianism and builds China into a Confucianism stateThis trend of thought was not unfamiliar in Chinese modern history, because at every historical stage that Chinese learned from the West to save the country and nationality from ruin, Chinese traditional Confucianism whose core was feudal ethics never stopped to speakToday, the rise of this trend of thought is nothing more than the inertia of thousands of years of Chinese feudal ethicsIn the historical process of Sinicization of Marxism, it would disappear with the fusion of Chinese and western civilizations

Key words: the spread of western learning; the revival of Confucianism; Sinicization of Maxism; modernization of traditional culture

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020(02).



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