Behind the Epidemic of NCP

A Realist Review of Global Governance


2020-04-17 07:50

Su Yunting
Journal of University of Science

Abstract: Realism is the most influential school of contemporary global governanceIt still dominates the governance practices of various countries in the context of the epidemic of NCPThe realist view of global governance is rooted in the ideological tradition of political realism, which has been passed down through traditional realism to neorealismIt is the orthodoxy of global governanceBased on the view of evil nature, reasonal actors and international anarchy, realism takes a pessimistic and cautious approach to global governance, highlighting the dominance of stateand endowing power politics with decisive positionThen realism created a world of hostilities and conflictsIt is helpful to analyze the historical evolution and developmental logic of realism for understanding the global epidemic governance

Key words: the epidemic of NCP; globle governance; realism; traditional realism; neorealism

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of University of Science and Technology Beijing, 2020(02).



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