Research on Service Efficiency Improvement of the Fusion Development of Public Libraries in China


2020-04-13 08:05

Yu Min, Wan Yandengdeng

Abstract: Based on the literature research and the characteristics of public digital cultural services, this paper constructs a conceptual model of the factors influencing the demand for public digital cultural services. User sample data is obtained through questionnaires, while analysis is performed by using SPSS and AMOS software to verify relevant assumptions and models. The study found that resource factors, subjective factors, infrastructure and service effectiveness are positively related to the demand for public digital cultural services. Based on the results of the study, suggestions are made to increase users demand for public digital cultural services.

Key words:Public digital cultural services Demand; Influencing factors.

The Chinese version appeared in Library, 2020(03).



2020-04-13 03:52
Consumption Economy, Consumerism and Consumption Society from the Perspective of Socialist Ecological Civilization