Consumption Economy, Consumerism and Consumption Society from the Perspective of Socialist Ecological Civilization


2020-04-09 08:30

Huan Qingzhi, Liu Li
Journal of Nanjing Tech Universi

Abstract: From the perspective of Ecological Marxism, the emergence of consumption economy and the evolution from Consumerism to consumption society in European and American capitalist countries are essentially rooted in the framework of capitalist economic system and its social and cultural ideology that always shaped the whole process and its results. In this sense, contemporary China opportunities for the construction of the socialist ecological civilization that we are committed to. In particular, the construction of ecological civilization based on the sober socialist political consciousness can become both internal constraint and alternative guidance the transformation process, and a historical impetus to the transition to the middle and senior stage of socialism with Chinese characteristics as well.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Nanjing Tech University, 2020(01).



2020-04-09 04:18
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