Institutional construction of natural protection land legislation in the perspective of typed vision


2020-04-08 02:28

Xie Zhongzhou,Chen Demin
Journal of Chongqing University

Abstract: The protected area plays an important role in maintaining ecological balance and realizing ecosystem service function. It can be seen there is a difference in the supply of main function of ecosystem services in the same type of nature protected area. The legislative work in The Act of Conservation of Nature is based on the distinction between theory and type of the nature protection. And the corresponding planning and construction, operation management and other aspects of the system will be built. Therefore, based on the difference of ecosystem service function supply, The current overlapping and lack of systematic types of natural conservation areas are transformed into four types: national parks, nature reserves, nature parks and nature conservation areas. The legal system of “one basic Law and four typed regulations” will be built. The governance of natural conservation areas can be strengthened by institutionalizing public law and private law system tools.

Keyword: Protected area;Ecosystem services;Legal System;Control Zoning;Protective easements

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Chongqing University, 2020(04).



2020-04-08 10:16
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