A Research on Criminal Law Regulation of Internet Financial Crime


2019-12-19 02:25

Wang Zhixiang, Shan Yiming
Journal of Liaoning Normal Unive

Abstract: The advent of the internet ere has brought new forms of business to financial development, and the crime in the field of internet finance has also brought new challenges to the legislation of criminal law. In the face of the frequent occurrence of crimes in the field of internet finance, there are two standpoints in theory: expansion or restriction. Under the circumstances that the legislation of financial criminal law in China is lagging behind, the expansion of the scope of criminal law regulation conforms to the objective requirement of scientific legislation of criminal law, and fundamentally meets the needs of the development of internet finance. The protection of new financial development should not be the reason to limit the scope of criminal law regulation. In the specific path, we should add new charges or amend the specific charges of the existing charges, and expand the judicial interpretation to ease the excessive changes of criminal law legislation.

Key words: internet finance; risk of crime; criminal law regulation; criminal law legislation; judicial interpretation

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Liaoning Normal University, 2019(05).


2019-12-19 10:23
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