City Space and the Experience of Modernity

Marshall Berman’s Interpretation of the Modernity of Russian literature


2019-12-23 08:25

Zhang Xi
Journal of Nanjing Normal Univer

Abstract: Marshall Berman interpreted the modernity of Russian literature with his own theory about the experience of modernity and the perspective of spatial criticism. He pointed out that the evolution of little men of Russian literature embodied the development of Russian modern thoughts. The duality of the coexisting real and insubstantial nature, the self-ironic forms of expression and the unique passion of Russian literature were argued as the essential elements which constituted the basic characteristics of its modernity, as well as making Russian modernism the archetypal example for the Third World. Bermans interpretation integrates unique theory and textual study, and his opinions are very inspiring

Key words: Russian literature, the experience of modernity, city space.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2019(05).


2019-12-23 04:28
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