Research on Deliberation and Public Rationality in Online Public Opinion Events

Taking the“Shandong Illegal Vaccine Case”as an Example


2019-12-16 02:27

Zhao Haiyan,Sun Ping
Journal of Northeastern Universi

Abstract: In recent years, online public opinion has gradually changed the traditional political process. Cyberspace becomes an important platform for deliberation. The irrationality of online public opinion has always been the focus of the debate on whether the net work can realize the deliberative democracy. Taking the Shandong Illegal Vaccine Case as an example, this paper uses content analysis and text analysis methods to grasp the actual situation of deliberation and public rationality in online public opinion events from the two dimensions of political process and network platform. With the deepening of the political process and the enhancement of network platforms institutionalization, the public rationality of netizens has increased. In the deliberation of online public opinion events, positive government responses and good network platforms are conducive to the realization of public rationality of netizens.

Key words: online platform; online public opinion; online deliberation; public rationality

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Northeastern University, 2019(03).


2019-12-16 10:33
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