Aesthetic Modernity Baudelaire's Poetic Nature


2019-12-11 02:50

Lai Junwe
Journal of Nanjing Normal Univer

Abstract: French litterateur Baudelaire inherited the classical theory of imitation and the ecological theory of romanticism and started the age of symbolismKeeping in touch with spleen and positioning the consciousness of modernity on the instantaneous feelings about the current city life experience, he has created a poetic nature that is more real than the reality, and constructed a set of aesthetic experience paradigm ofpoem nature cityfor the modern city by a unique writing method of turning ugliness to beauty, thus formed an urban ecological aesthetic theory that is based on harmony between the human beings and naturea poetic view of nature characterized by the modernity of beauty beyond the traditional nature: ie, urban experience transiting to poetic experience

Key words: poetic nature; Baudelaire; symbolism

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2019(03).


2019-12-11 10:49
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