The Meaning of Philosophy of Existence in Oscar Wilde’s Practice of Aestheticism


2019-12-10 08:39

Sun Wenzhuo
Journal of Nanjing Normal Univer

Abstract: Oscar Wildes aestheticism contains profound philosophical implicationsAs a contemporary of Nietzsche, Wilde was an advocate of new-hedonism, individualism and non- moralization, in resonance obviously with the humanistic values of non-rationalism, non-collectivism and non-moralization of the 19th century. Throughout his life of fame and infamy, there was the Spirit, aesthetic and transcendental, of reflection and individualism. His expounding of his own view of death makes clear the aesthetic life-will in the tension between life and death, thus corresponding to the being-towards-death prospect, depicted in the later philosophy of existentialism, and inspiring the 20th century philosophers of neo-Nietzscheism to pursue a life philosophy of self-transcendence and pleasure creation

Key words: Aestheticism; New-hedonism; Individualism Philosophy of existence; Being-towards-death

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2019(01).


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