Has Overall Urban and Rural Development Reform Improved the Equalization of Livelihood Public Services? Empirical Evidence from Chongqing


2019-06-11 08:44

Liu Chengkui, Qi Xinghui, Wang Zhouxiang
Finance and Trade Research

AbstractBased on the policy experiment that Chongqing has been established as an overall urban and rural reform pilot area, a synthetic control method is used to evaluate the effect of overall urban and rural reform on the urban and rural equalization of livelihood public services in Chongqing. The results show that the reform has significantly improved the level of equalization of public services in urban and rural areas of Chongqing and increased the equalization index by 3. 6%, compared with the situation where the reform is not implemented. Therefore, accelerating the construction of public finance framework and service-oriented government and increasing inputs into basic public services in rural areas are important ways to ensure equal access to public services for all and promote the coordinated-development in urban and rural areas.

Keywordoverall urban-rural reform; synthetic control method; equalization of livelihood public services;

The Chinese version appeared in Finance and Trade Research 2018,(11).



2019-06-11 04:44
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