Study on the Industrial Structural Upgrading of the Central, Western and Northeastern Regions


2019-06-10 08:22

Li Pan, Gao Honggui
On Economic Problems

AbstractSince the reform and opening-up, the central, western and northeastern regions have lagged behind both in the industrial structure and in the marketization because of their industrial layout characterized with the resource-based industry and energy supply industry. First of all, we aggregate the optimization index of 41 industries' industrial structure index. Then we calculate the marketization index of the central, western and northeastern regions. Our finding is that the higher the marketization index is, the higher the optimization index of the industrial structure, that is to say, the mutual effect can promote the industrial structural upgrading. Therefore, in the process of the supply-side structural reform, the seven over-capacity industries such as the coal mining and dressing industry as well as the smelting and pressing of ferrous metals industry should continue de-capacity by means of marketization in combination with executive commands to promote the industrial upgrading. In the meantime, some suggestions are put forward including enhancing the manufacturing industry, the financial system construction, the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, and increasing the labor productivity, as well as promoting the three-tier modern economic system construction.

Keywordindustrial structure; optimization of the industrial structure; marketization;

The Chinese version appeared in On Economic Problems 2019, (06).


2019-06-10 04:20
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