Study on Construction of A New Generation of Smart Library System in the Era of AI


2019-06-17 08:36

Luo Huan
Journal of Library and Informati

AbstractArtificial intelligence (AI) brings new development opportunities for traditional industries, and also promotes the construction of a new generation of smart library system. This article first expounded the dilemma faced by libraries in the era of AI, such as the large loss of users and the increasing difficulty of integrating information resources, analyzed the application of AI in the construction of smart libraries, including three common aspects: the personalized perception system of smart libraries, intelligent analysis system of information and the intelligent classification of book resources, and further analyzed the construction elements of the new generation of smart library system in the era of AI. Among them, the technology layer of the Internet of Things is the foundation; the intelligent equipment is the key; AI service is the guarantee for readers to experience the convenience and personalization of smart libraries. Finally, a new idea of building a new generation of smart library system in the era of AI was put forward. It was necessary to develop AI system services for library users, promote data resources construction services for the development of intelligent society, and extend in-depth services for different service groups to help the intelligent transformation of libraries.

Keywordartificial intelligence (AI) ; smart libraries; Internet of Things; intelligent equipment; big data;

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Library and Information, 2019(01).



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