Translation,Reinvention and Spreading of the Concept of Humanism in China during May Fourth Era

A Case Study of the Discourse of Humanism of the School of New Culture


2019-04-16 02:36

Yu Chang
Journal of School of Chinese Lan

Abstract: Humanism is an important concept throughout Western intellectual historyIt is the key concept that has promoted the intellectual, cultural and literary transformations of modern China after it was imported into ChinaThe present paper examines the translation, reinvention and spreading of the concept of humanism in China during the May Fourth eraBy historicizing the process of translatinghumanism, this paper explores the production and construction of the seemingly undisputable equivalence betweenhumanismand its Chinese termRendao ZhuyiIt further clarifies the transmutation and evolution of meanings and implications of humanistic discourse during the May Fourth era, investigates the dynamic generation and morphological change of the May 4th humanitarian discourse, and the reasons behind itFinally, it explores the resonance and echo of humanitarian discourse in the field of May 4th literatureThe trend of humanitarian literature stimulates the "modern transformation" of new literatureStarting from the translation of the humanitarian conceptthis paper explores the humanitarian elements in the May 4th new literaturewhich provides a possibility to re examine the connection between languageculture and history, and also helps to reflect on the promiscuity and intertextuality of the May 4th humanitarian literary discourse

Key words: humanism; translation; modernity; discourse; May Fourth literature

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University, 2019(03).


2019-04-16 10:38
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