Tao Yuanming’s Thoughts and Literary Art


2019-04-11 02:44

Gu Nong
Journal of School of Chinese Lan

Abstract: Tao Yuanmings acceptance of the thinking heritage from the previous thinkers was rather mixed, but the influence of Confucianism is dominantHis social ideal has a strong retro colorHis philosophy of life is based on the traditional theory of Heavenly destinyHe not only paid attention to the realistic material life, but also stressed the strengthening of moral cultivation, his moral practice formed a noble personality modelHe is full of creative spirit in literary art and has made great achievements in literature

Key words: Tao Yuanming; nature; thoughts; restoration; life philosophy; art innovation

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University, 2019(01).


2019-04-11 10:48
Creative Thinking and Innovative Thinking