Creative Thinking and Innovative Thinking

Connotation Differentiation, Interconnection and Perspectives


2019-04-10 08:04

ZHAN Zehui, MEI Hu, MAI Zihao, SHAO Fangfang
Modern Distance Education Resear

Abstract: Creative thinking and innovative thinking have been mixed in concept for many years. Although the connotations of creation and innovation do overlap to a certain extent, the differences between them in the core category should not be ignored. Creative thinking was based on imagination, inheritance and talent, intelligence, thinking, problem solving, and experience reorganization and being more emphasis on originality, divergence, and relevance while innovative thinking is based on the application of new technologies and inventions, which emphasizing social and economic benefits. Creative thinking and innovative thinking have similarities in four aspects: novelty, feasibility, motivation, and diversity. However, there are differences in the objectives, the methodology, the stage, the size, and the feasibility. In the past, Maker Education usually emphasized the cultivation of creative thinking without extending to the development of innovative thinking. In the context of the current innovation-oriented society, the cultivation of innovative talents should also consider the linkage development of creative thinking and innovative thinking. Product is a carrier of the transformation from creative thinking to innovative thinking, and product creation is the key stage of the linkage between creative thinking and innovative thinking. In the micro-perspective of curriculum design, creative thinking and innovative thinking can be realized through the three stages of creative stimulation, product creation, and exhibition and promotion; under the macroscopic perspective of the education system, the establishment of a progressive thinking cultivation mechanism from basic education to higher education and a tri-party linkage ofschool-enterprise-societyinnovation education ecosystem should be advocated, so as to support the transformation of students creative thinking achievements to innovative thinking achievements, and promote the spiral cycle of the fourth round of government-industry-university-research.

Key words: Creative Thinking; Innovative Thinking; Concepts Development; Core Connotation; Integrated Model

The Chinese version appeared in Modern Distance Education Research, 2019(02).


2019-04-10 04:04
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