The Thinking of Secret

On Mysticism and Postmodernism in The New Life


2019-04-09 03:06

Zhang Hu
Journal of School of Chinese Lan

Abstract: Since Orhan Pamuk was influenced by Ibn Arabithere is a special mindset namedthe thinking of secretin his novels, ieeverything is connected in the universeso you could affirm and negate anyone and anything at the same timethese two ways of thinking will be united in the final truth or Godwhich is essentially a mysteryThe first thinkings nature is rationality and its fruitsthe empirical knowledgewhile the second is deconstructivismFocus on the interpretation of The New Life, this article analyzes many problemsincluding the essence, characteristics and values of the thinking of secretwhy Pamuk was interested in itwhats the real relationship of the thinking of secret with Pamukscompassionpoetics

Key words: Orhan Pamuk; The New Life; sufism; postmodernism; secret

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture Nanjing Normal University, 2019(03).


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