The Relationship Between Social Support and Problem Behaviors of Adolescent

The Chain Mediating Role of Psychological Suzhi and Self-esteem


2019-04-01 02:08

ZHANG Dajun;ZHU Zhengguang;LIU Guangzeng;LI Yang
Journal of Southwest University

Abstract: This paper explores the chain mediating role of adolescent psychological suzhi and self-esteem in their social support and problem behaviors. A total of 1168 middle school students were surveyed using the Youth Social Support Scale, the Middle School Students Psychological Suzhi Questionnaire (Simplified Edition), the Self-Esteem Scale and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (Student Edition). Findings are as follows. First, there is a significant positive correlation between social support, psychological quality and self-esteem among adolescents, and a significant negative correlation with problem behaviors. Second, social support can significantly predict adolescent problem behaviors. Third, social support can influence adolescent problem behaviors through mediation of psychological suzhi and self-esteem. Fourth, social support can indirectly affect the behaviors of adolescents through psychology and self-esteem chain mediation.

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Southwest University, 2019(01).


2019-04-01 10:10
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