Openness and Inclusiveness

the Value Guidance for the Population Policy on Urban Settlers


2019-04-17 01:59

Chen Peng
Jianghan Academic

Abstract: The wave of urbanization has brought a large number of rural people into cities and the peripheral areas become their homes. Howeverindustrial transformation and upgrade tend to rely on a large group of highly qualified personnel and cities can be nice places for entrepreneurships. In recent yearssome citiespopulation policies have gone to two extremesthey purge the living spaces and some of the low-income settlers and at the same time use favorable policies and financial incentives to attract talent. These exclusive policies result in the breaking of the entire urban economic eco- chainan increased demand for basic public servicea certain waste of talented peoplean imbalanced development between citiesand more difficulties in social conformity. A citys industrial structure is the decisive factor of its population structureso letting the market rather than authoritiespower to influence the movement of people should be the ground rule for making population policies. Openness and inclusiveness, instead of the oppositeare the value guidance for the population policy on urban settlers.

Key wordsurbanizationurban settlerspopulation policy

The Chinese version appeared in Jianghan Academic, 2019(02).


2019-04-17 09:59
Translation,Reinvention and Spreading of the Concept of Humanism in China during May Fourth Era