The Support Path for Sichuan’s Rural Financial Development to Increase Farmers’Property Income


2019-03-05 03:15

Li Qing'e
Journal of Southwest University

Abstract: Sichuan province is a large agricultural province in China with a huge rural population basethereforefarmers income has become the key to decide whether Sichuan Province can build a well off society in an all round way by 2020The situation in Sichuan is similar to that in the whole countryIt is obvious to all that its finance has made a great contribution to the growth of property income of urban residents in recent yearsSo how can rural finance support the increase of farmers property income? Based on the field survey from two main bodies of farmers and financial organizationsthis study finds that the per capita disposable income in Sichuan Province showed an increasing trend from 2012 to 2016but the growth rate slows down year by yearin which the absolute amount and proportion of farmers property income are relatively smallBecause of the lag of rural financial developmentrural residents have not been able to rely on financial support for property income growth as urban residents haveThereforein order to improve the growth of farmers property incomewe should cultivate and improve the rural financial systemclarify the property rights of rural land to activate the property rights of landimprove the efficiency of financial support for agricultureand improve the rural financial insurance policies to seek the support of rural finance for the growth of farmers property income

Keywords: rural finance; farmers property income; support path

The Chinese version appeared in Journal of Southwest University of Science and Technology, 2019(02).




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